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Dumpster Rental Specialist's Tips
To Decluttering Your Home in Grand Rapids

We know the deal...

A home decluttering project can be a daunting task. If you have children, this project seems everso more daunting.

Having delivered countless dumpsters for people looking to declutter their homes, we've discovered some great tips along the way to help you declutter your home.

With the help of a friend, Organized by Melissa, you'll discover how to simplify your decluttering using the KEEP/DONATE/TOSS method, what tools you have at your disposal for the decluttering and how not to get bogged down by nostalgia.

Declutter Your Home the Right Way With These Helpful Tips

KEEP/DONATE/TOSS Process: Your first step to start your home decluttering project is to sort your home goods. Create three piles; keep; donate; toss. Keep what you Need, Use & Love - if you don't Need, Use or Love It then why are you keeping it? If you plan on keeping items, store them in an organized fashion; invest in Rubbermaid storage boxes. For items you want to toss, we know someone that knows someone that can deliver you a shiny, green, residential-friendly dumpster; Our 10 or 14 yard dumpster is ideal for this project! If you are donating, we suggest you donate to the Habitat for Humanity Kent County ReStore; tell them Ben Bosch sent you!

Declutter One Room At a Time: Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint; take your time and if you do it right future decluttering projects will be much easier. We suggest you pick one room at a time, finish clearing out the items from that room before you move onto the next room

Stop. Don't shop: Use what you already own. Can't find it? Then it's time to set aside some time and get serious about getting organized. Organizing should pay for itself. Once you're organized the double, triple & quadruple buying that happens in most homes stops.

Combat Nostalgia: We get it... Some items have too much sentimental value to toss or to donate. That said, be honest with yourself; how long has it been since you've laid eyes on those items stashed away in the basement or attic? If it's been 10 years, that's reason enough to never miss it again.

Always Start With The Floor Near The Door: When Melissa talks with clients for the first time, they often tell her, they don't know where to begin. When she arrives at their place, she coaches them through her 3 Phase Process. Once the floor is clear the room will be safer to walk through & you can get to the pieces of furniture much easier. It also gives you a wow factor & feeds your motivation to see progress. If you start near the door on the floor and stick to the floor until everything is sorted and purged there first, you will work in a systematic, organized way that will make the daunting task easier.

There Are Professional Organizers Who Can Help: A quick Google search of "professional organizers in Grand Rapids" should pull up several qualified professionals who can assist you with this project. We suggest Organized by Melissa.

Rent a Dumpster: You'd be surprised at how often we hear customers tell us they felt empowerment discarding of their clutter in one of our bins; to many, it's a weight (of clutter) being lifted off their shoulders. As noted previously, our 10 or 14 yard dumpsters (depending on how many kids you have) can be your perfect decluttering friend.

There you have it, you're now equipped to tackle that decluttering project. You know the people, tools and tips that can help you keep your home organized for good!

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