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Frequently Asked Questions - Dumpster Rental Grand Rapids

Questions And Answers Regarding Renting a Dumpster with Bin There Dump That

Q. What can't go in the dumpster?

Please no hazardous waste or liquids. No stains, oil based paints, corrosives, propane, anti-freeze, bio hazards, and needles. Dirt, cement, and brick need to go in their own separate dumpster to be recycled.

Q. Can I put paint cans into my dumpster rental?

A: Yes if it was a water based paint and now is dried out. You can add kitty litter, saw dust, or newspaper to the can to dry it out.

Q. I have a narrow driveway can you fit a dumpster on it?

A: If you driveway is 9 feet or wider, with no narrow overhangs, we will be able to provide you with a dumpster.

Q. Can I put yard waste in the dumpster?

A: Yes. We are one of the few local dumpster companies that provide this option. Please place the yard waste in brown recyclable paper bags either on the top or at the back of the dumpster, as it will have to be hand separated when we reach the transfer station.

Q. How long can I keep the dumpster?

A: Residential dumpster rentals are typically 7 days.

Q. What if I'm done early?

A: If you are done early with your project, then give us a call and we'll try to pick it up that same day or next.

Q. Can I put the dumpster on my yard?

A: Yes, but we will ask if there are any concerns such as sprinkler systems, invisible dog fences, septic tanks etc. If asked to place on the lawn, we will need a lawn waiver to be signed. Although our dumpsters are cute, they may do damage to a yard.

Q. Are there doors on the dumpster?

A: Yes, all of our dumpsters have two rear easy open doors designed for fast and convenient loading. You can open one or both doors, and walk right in on the flat floor about 6 inches off the ground.

Q. What is the 100% Driveway Protection Guarantee?

A: Every time we deliver a dumpster with our residential-friendly pickup trucks, we place wood boards down to protect your property. The dumpster never touches your driveway during the delivery and pick-up process. We invite you to check out our YouTube video showing our unique protection method.

Q. Can I place a dumpster in my garage or in a commercial building?

A: We have placed dumpsters inside garages as well as office spaces. Whether it's a single or double homeowner garage, or a commercial warehouse or building, we can put our dumpsters where you need them to go. Due to height constraints our 4, 10, and 14 yard dumpsters can be placed in garages, while as big as our 20 yrd have been placed in warehouses.

Q. Are there items that may have additional costs?

A: There are a few items which the local counties charge additionally to throw away. Couches $12 each, mattresses and boxsprings are up to an additional $24 each. Tires are up to $20 each. Large appliances are $25 each. TVs 27" or smaller are $20, TVs 28" or bigger are $40. Please note, if you cut up or break down these items into smaller pieces they go in for free.

Q. What if I don’t have a driveway, what can I do?

A: There are a couple of options to consider: Do you have an alleyway behind the home? Is there space in your yard? Be mindful that the dumpster could create 6-12” ruts, even with our wood board protection. Is there a large grassy space between the sidewalk and street? We have been able to place dumpsters on the grassy causeway in front of homes. Sometimes even neighbors have allowed neighbors to use their driveway for quick projects.

Q. Can I put a dumpster on the street?

A: In most cities or municipalities, a dumpster is only allowed to be placed in the street after approval by the authorities and a permit has been filed and paid for for the project. We are happy to do this for you as part of the rental, please note that there is a fee for the permit and it may take several days to acquire it.

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