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Preparing for a Home Remodel in Grand Rapids

Do you have a significant home remodeling project on the horizon. You're probably real excited by also apprehensive. This is normal as there are many considerations to take into account before embarking on this home renovation journey.

Here's the good news...

Because we've delivered dumpsters to remodelers all around Grand Rapids, we've discovered some insight on how you truly need to prepare yourself for this home remodeling project. These tips below will help alleviate the apprehension so you can look forward to this project that will add significant value to your home. So, before you swing that hammer or hire the general contractor in Grand Rapids, consider these:

Make Sure Your Home Remodel Is What You Always Wanted With These Suggestions

You Need a Plan: Lay this remodeling project from start to finish. We suggest you detail, on paper, exactly how you'd like the finished space to look after completion; this is your goal, this is your road map. Now that you have this road map, you need to build out the directions to get you to your ultimate goal. This means you need to determine the budget you have for your project, what you can do and what work will need to be subbed to a general contractor. If subcontractors are needed, be realistic, they may not be able to arrive right when you need them. Grand Rapids market is very busy and a good contractor will be several weeks if not months out. A timeline is essential; it will ensure you know when you need to get your subs and equipment.

What tools are needed? Do you need heavy machinery? Will you need a dumpster? Before the project starts, you should have a thorough plan that leaves no questions unanswered. This plan will help the home remodel stay oncourse and kept within budget.

Stick to Your Budget: Once you set your budget, stick to it! You'll be tempted to invest in fancy, high-end items that will inflate your budget, without proper consideration for the essential items. It's no secret, completing a home remodel in Grand Rapids isn't inexpensive; you don't want to have to pay for this project many years after it's completed.

Is This Project DIY or Do You Need Help: Be realistic, as handy as you may think you are, some work is always left to the professionals. Completing a basement renovation of my own a few years back I learned that I was skilled enough to do the framing and put up the drywall, but not nearly skilled enough to do the mudding and taping. The investment in this professional was WELL WORTH the cost and he even was able to hide some of the shotty drywalling I had done. If you decide to use a contractor check referral sites like Angie's List, ThumbTack, or HomeAdvisor for reviews and quality of their service. Also check the local Grand Rapids HBA website for remodelers. Be sure to ask the contractor for references.

What About Clean Up?: No, that construction debris won't magically disappear from your home. At the end of your home remodeling project, you'll need to get rid of the construction waste. You have a couple options; 1) load up a pickup truck several times and make trips to your local landfill; 2) have the contractor deal with it, or; 3) conveniently rent a residential-friendly bin from Bin There Dump That Grand Rapids

You're now ready to get that home project off the ground and running! You know you need to have a plan, rent a dumpster for your clean up and set a budget and stick to it. We wish you the best of luck!

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