Our Grand Rapids Dumpster Rental Team

Meet the dumpster rental team at Bin There Dump That Grand Rapids. If you see anyone familiar that would be because we truly are a local Grand Rapids dumpster rental company


Eric- Lead Driver

As reliable as the sun coming up each morning he is there. On time and with a smile. He takes cleanliness and organization seriously. Acts like he owns the place. With this mentality he quickly grew into the role of Trainer for our new drivers. Always positive and meticulous he ensures each driver lives up with the culture of Bin There Dump That.


Gabe - Delivery Expert

Saucy dumpster salesman, logistics guru, cat herder, driver, there isn’t a job he can’t do. Having been with us for several years, he has seen it all and probably has a joke for it. So good at his job with a friendly approach and business minded sense of urgency, he will take care of your dumpster rental quickly and guide our team efficiently in their execution.


Evie - BTDT Mascot

Fuzzy, cute. Has a bit of an attitude. Likes socks, especially bright green ones.


Ben - Driver, Delivery Expert, not a mechanic, marketing guy, oh and owns the place

Likes to look busy. Works to bring the best people to the team and watch them flourish in making Bin There Dump That the best it can be. Having done literally every job at BTDT, he still wakes up excited each day to talk about dumpster rentals and how they can change the world.