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Grand Rapids Dumpster Rental

Prepare for A Dumpster Rental In Grand Rapids

How To Declutter Home Renovation Preparing for Bin Rental

So you have decided to rent a dumpster to get rid of unwanted items in your house; that's a great idea!

In order to make this project go as smoothly as possible, we have a couple ideas for a fast, easy and efficient dumpster rental experience.

An Easy Dumpster Rental Experience in Grand Rapids Starts With These Tips

Gather Your Items: Before our Dumpster Delivery Expert arrives at your home, be sure to collect your items or construction debris in a centralized location. For instance, if you are finishing up a basement renovation, we suggest you bring up all the construction waste to the garage and then when the dumpster arrives, you can open the walk-in doors on the dumpster and simply walk the items into the bin. If this is done after the dumpster arrives, don't fret, you have a convenient 7 day rental period.

Where's the Dumpster Going?: This is all about convenience and safety. Here are a couple questions you need to ask yourself. What is the shortest path to the dumpster? If you are walking items out the front door, is the front door on the right or left hand side of the house; if it's the left, place the dumpster on the left and vice versa for the right. One part of our service you'll particularly enjoy is the ability to place the dumpster in pretty much any spot you want, due to the dumpster size and our smaller trucks for delivery. If you can fit a minivan in the space, then you can fit our dumpster there. You will want to ensure we are not blocking in any vehicles from leaving the garage! It typically is best to have the dumpster somewhere in the driveway so we can protect your property with our board protection and not leave marks on your property.

How You Should Load The Dumpster: Start loading your dumpster with larger, bulkier items like sofas, other furniture and kids' toys. Items that are geometric in shape or easy to stack can go in next. Items that are soft, smaller, or easier to stuff into spots should go in last. Our dumpsters have 2 doors and a flat floor making it easier to put these larger household items into the dumpster, saving you from attempting to lift them over the top.

"Dumpster Hoops"?: Here's one of our favourite tips... If your collected items you want to discard are on the second floor of your house and you don't want to carry them down a flight of stairs and into the dumpster, simply request the dumpster to be placed under an accessible window. This alleviates the concern of carrying the items down to the main floor, and it's kinda fun.

There you have it! This dumpster rental project will be a breeze for you now. If you're going to use any of these recommended dumpster suggestions, we'd love to hear about them by writing us a review and even attach a photo for the review. You'll score bonus points if you have a picture of discarding items into the dumpster from the 2nd story window! For other questions in relating to our services, check out the Bin There Dump That FAQ page.

For more tips and advice on renting dumpsters, check out the Bin There Dump That blog

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