Dumpster Rental Special Location Requests

Not every dumpster rental will be placed neatly on the driveway. Homeowners often have obstacles and circumstances that dictate special requests with their rentals; Bin There Dump That will work to accommodate these requests.

Here’s the deal…

Typically, a dumpster rental is cut and dry in the Grand Rapids region. It will go on the left or right hand side of a homeowner’s driveway. That said, there are times where obstacles or circumstances will dictate some finagling of the placement of the dumpster. Truth is, we often receive special requests by customers for their dumpster placement; 99 times out of 100, we can accommodate said special request. Illustrated below is a specific request that was asked by the customer and met by Bin There Dump That. When renting a dumpster from Bin There Dump That in Grand Rapids, homeowners should feel at ease that, even if the driveway is steep, or there is a basketball net to avoid or low-hanging wires, the dumpster can typically be placed where requested for your project.

Bin There Dump That’s Trucks can fit down tight alleys with their dumpsters.

Dumpster companies operating tri-axle trucks more than likely cannot accommodate a dumpster rental that requires the truck to navigate down a tight alley; this is why Bin There Dump That operates residential-friendly vehicles.

From our customer: “As soon as you can please deliver a dumpster to the back yard of 1239 Bemis St SE, Grand Rapids 49506. deliver via the alley. that's very important. place next to the house so we can throw stuff off the upper deck area please”.

Bin There Dump That’s Dumpsters can be placed tight to the house making it easy for the homeowner.

At Bin There Dump That we love helping customers with their projects by locating the dumpster as close as possible, safely. This request will provide so much convenience for the customer. In this instance, placing the dumpster tight to the house will allow the homeowner the ability to throw the waste right into the dumpster from the upper deck area.

Homeowners that have an upcoming dumpster rental need but are apprehensive of potential obstacles that will prevent easy access to the bin, rest assure, we have exceeded expectations on many occasions of these instances and will strive to provide homeowners in Grand Rapids the easiest access to their dumpster.

Are you ready to rent a bin from Bin There Dump That? What’s your special request? We’re ready for the challenge!